Luke Annear

Fly fishing


A southwestern Wisconsin native, I grew up fishing for trout in the driftless streams near my parents' house (including their back-yard). This eventually turned into a passion for fly fishing, that eventually led to a passion for fly fishing for carp.

I love the way that sight-fishing for carp combines traditional elements of flies and fly casting with unique presentation strategies.

Together with the American Carp Society, I work to promote carp as a sport fish in the United States.



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I studied linguistics and Scandinavian studies at UW-Madison. As an undergratuate I studied Norwegian, including a six-month study abroad experience in Bø in Telemark (Høgskolen i Telemark). I then went on to earn an M.A. in Scandinavian linguistics, and wrote my thesis on the coastal dialects of Jæren in southwestern Norway

I also spent a significant amount of time studying first-hand how Norwegian as a heritage language in the United States was both changed and maintained by immigrant communities in the Midwest.